Discover the HotlineSI online service

You already knew the HotlineSI email address to send your support requests to the school's IT department. You can now get to know the online service HotlineSI !

For all your requests related to the use of the school's IT tools and services, HotlineSI is your privileged contact. By sending an email to, you trigger the creation of a "ticket" that will be processed by one or more members of the Information Systems Department

An additional way to contact us is now available: the HotlineSI online service. This is a website that allows you to:

  • Create, manage and monitor your assistance requests (your “tickets”)
  • Consult all available solutions (information, procedures, incident resolutions)
  • Request access to what is contained in the ISD service catalogue  (*)

This is indeed an additional service: if you prefer to continue using the HotlineSI email address, we will always answer you, don't worry! But if you want to discover the new online service, go to the following link: by connecting with your @neoma email address.  (**)

Once connected, you access from the homepage the following main services:

  1. Create a new ticket
  2. Manage and track all your existing tickets
  3. Request access to a service by consulting the catalogue (*)
  4. Consult all existing solutions and "popular" solutions  (***)

The content of HotlineSI is currently only available in French, but if you want to change the language of the menus, please go to your profile by clicking on your name at the top of the page.

This site is intended to centralize all IT support, and will eventually replace the IT Help Center site. 

To discover in detail how the HotlineSI online service works, instructions are available:

  • in a "paper" version in the new version of the HotlineSI guide available at HUBs and IT help desks
  • in "digital" version from  the next page 

To find out more about all the means at your disposal for your computer assistance requests (telephone support, new paper guides updated for the 2019-2020 school year, etc.), go to the next page (in french only). 

(*) What does the service catalogue include? 

The catalogue of services includes most of the services to which you are entitled (in the case of students, very few services will be available due to the fact that almost all services are automatically delivered to you when you arrive at NEOMA-BS). The catalogue facilitates the request for services by providing a one-stop shop on the site.

(**) How to access the HotlineSI online service?

There are several ways to access the HotlineSI online service. Whatever the path to access the site, the connection is made with your @neoma email address and the password associated with your account:

- from the link

- from Office 365 by going to "all applications" from the "application launcher" at the top left of your screen, and searching for the "HotlineSI" application 

- by clicking on the "HotlineSI" links in all emails exchanged with the service 

(***) How is content considered "popular"?

Solutions can appear directly on the HotlineSI homepage, if these contents are indicated as "popular", i.e. the contents that received the most "Yes" to the question at the bottom of each content "was this answer useful"? It is therefore important to participate by giving your opinion!

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